Events Update: 6 Best Digital Marketing Conferences in 2018

You’re already at the stage of your business where it runs relatively smoothly. You’ve got systems set up and you have a good team to support you. So what’s next? Well, if you’re keen to find out how to best promote your business and grow your customer base moving forward, it’s a great bet to be updated on the latest trends in digital marketing.

If you have the time – and the budget – for it, here are some of the best digital marketing conferences around the world that are definitely worth keeping a tab on.   

  1.    The Social Shake-Up

When: May 7-9

Where: Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Who is it for: Social media strategists, public relations professionals, IT professionals, marketing and SEO/SEM professionals

Why you should consider it:  If you’re really driven to boost your social media presence and you’d like to explore non-traditional ways to achieve it, then this digital marketing conference is for you. You’ll get out-of-the-box example strategies from notable social media experts that include André Moraes, Principal Analytic Lead at Google; Nina Mishkin, Brand & Content Strategy Lead at Twitter; and Kate Harman, Group Director, Brand PR at The Coca-Cola Company.

Cost to attend: $1695-$2390   

  1.    Digital Marketing Malaysia  

When: May 30-31

Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Who is it for: Digital marketers, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals

Why you should consider it: This digital marketing event will talk about the latest trends in the industry, everything from marketing automation and video live-streaming to messaging app marketing and geolocation targeting. Speakers include Sayantan Das, Managing Director, Malaysia & Brunei, foodpanda; Tai Kam Leong, Head of Brand & Partnerships, Maxis; and Spencer Lee, Head of Commercial, AirAsia.  

Cost to attend: $799 (client-side marketer), $1,099 (Malaysian companies)   

  1.    DigiMarCon  

When: April to November (dates vary depending on location)  

Where: Orlando, FL (Caribbean); New York City, NY (USA); Toronto, Ontario (Canada); Houston, Texas (USA); Los Angeles, California (USA); Chicago, Illinois (USA); Sydney, Australia; London, UK; Singapore; Dubai, UAE; Johannesburg, South Africa; Live and On Demand (online)    

Who is it for: Web project managers, marketing professionals, web & mobile strategists

Why you should consider it: This event will fit your bill if you like to travel and experience a different culture while investing in your learning at the same time. Pegged as one of the biggest digital marketing conferences, it has venues held in different cities around the world, including an option to join a cruise. Speakers include Yoli Chrisholm, Microsoft; Rebecca Corliss, HubSpot; and Loni Stark, Adobe.    

Cost to attend: $597-$1297 (online: $295)    

  1.    Ignite  

When: July 10  

Where: London, UK

Who is it for: B2B experts, CX professionals, IT professionals

Why you should consider it: This event is for you if you’re in the B2B industry. You’ll get just about everything you’ll need to pull off effective B2B marketing campaigns. Choose from over 50 sessions with speakers like Scott Allen, CMO of Microsoft; Antonia Wade, CMO of Thomson Reuters; and Mike Bainbridge, Digital Transformation & Innovation at Amazon Web Services.

Cost to attend: €399-€499

  1.    Content Marketing World  

When: September 4-7

Where: Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Who is it for: Content managers, PR/brand strategists, marketing professionals, business leaders

Why you should consider it: It’s easy to see why this event is considered the largest content marketing conference in the world. Featuring more than 120 workshops and sessions, you can choose from focused topics like storytelling, demand generation, and ROI. The list of keynote speakers includes award-winning writer Tina Fey.  

Cost to attend: $1199-$2499

  1.    Web Summit    

When: November 5-8  

Where: Lisbon, Portugal  

Who is it for: web professionals, marketing professionals, business leaders, brand/PR strategists  

Why you should consider it: This is the event to go to if you live and breathe technology. The summit puts together 23 conferences and workshops in diff tech niches. You can also participate in roundtable discussions on issues that connect technology with businesses. Speakers include Ariana Huffington of the Huffington Post; Reed Hastings, Founder of Netflix; and Linda Boff, CMO of General Electric.

Cost to attend: €850

No matter what your business is about, attending events and conferences in your industry is a sure-fire way to learn new things, make connections, and gain insights. Which of these events strike your fancy? Tell us in the comments!