Facebook in Business: 6 Reasons You Need Facebook for Marketing

Facebook has indeed come a long, long way from simply being a means for teenagers and young adults to connect with other people online. Now, this social media platform allows just about everyone to be connected: from high school students and university professors, to famous celebrities and top athletes. And of course, that goes the same for businesses of every size – from the one-man team of digital nomads to multinational corporations around the world.  

But I’m running such a small business, you might say. The size of your business is not the point here. What’s important is that if you want your business to grow, utilizing Facebook should be part of your digital marketing strategy.  If you still haven’t jumped onboard the Facebook marketing wagon yet, here are some of the best reasons you should do so very soon.

  1.    It helps you to learn about your target audience better.   

As an entrepreneur, you know how extremely valuable it is to get the insights and feedback of the people you’d like to serve. Well, that’s exactly what Facebook does. It lets you communicate directly with your target audience, allowing you to gather useful information by way of your fans’ interaction and comments.   

  1.    It makes your company seem more “human.”  

Facebook – social media in general, actually – lets you create and nurture a personality that goes beyond the confines of your company website. It’s a great platform to share personal tidbits, have one-on-one conversations, and basically encourage interaction that doesn’t have to be all business.

  1.    It allows you to build a community.    

Building a community can be an effective way to boost your digital marketing strategy. And what’s even better is that you can do it by different means. You can, for example, post relevant or interesting links on occasion. You can also organize promos and contests, or offer freebies to promote engagement on the page.

  1.    It improves your SEO.    

Don’t separate SEO with Facebook. On the contrary, if you utilize SEO on your Facebook marketing, it will actually help you drive traffic to your company website and blog posts. Just make sure that your Facebook page features content that’s focused on your business, and what you publish can be indexed in search engines.   

  1.    It keeps your business up-to-date.    

If you’re still not using Facebook for digital marketing, look around. Chances are your competition is already doing so – and maybe doing it rather well, to boot. If that’s the case, you’re missing out on the many opportunities your business can have with social media.  

  1.    It promotes your business.     

The main purpose of digital marketing is to get your business in front of prospect customers and repeat clients, and that’s exactly why Facebook works wonders – because it’s structured to allow you to promote your business utilizing a platform that billions of people already use every day.  

It’s a safe bet that Facebook is a part of many people’s regular routine. To recognize that for the great opportunity that it is means raising your chances to grow your business. So, how will you use Facebook today?