Is Blogging Still a Thing? 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

In today’s increasingly online world, just about every business has a website. That is, every business that really wants to expand their reach and grow their influence – and profits. But simply having a website is not enough. In order to actively raise your chances of succeeding in the already crowded digital landscape, you need a blog.

Here’s why creating and maintaining a blog will help you reach your company’s goals and gradually make your business grow.

  1.    It helps you build a credible brand.  

Whether you have a physical store or your business is mostly operating online, branding is critical in identifying yourself with your customers and making you stand out from the competition. Simply put, branding is what makes you different from hundreds – or even thousands – of other businesses offering the same products or services. Having a blog is a great platform to aid you in your digital marketing campaigns. You can do that with social media too, of course, but a blog is a definitive place to share content that’s interesting and useful for your customers. And then you can promote your content to your social media accounts.

  1.    It’s an important part of digital marketing.

Let’s face it: no digital marketing strategy will ever be complete without a blog. While your social media pages can initially trigger curiosity among your customers, it’s your blog posts that will keep them hooked. You can, for example, install non-intrusive lead capture forms that can be integrated while or after reading the content. Think of it as a means to help generate sales or get more subscribers to your list.

  1.    It builds interactive communities.

A good blog does more than just deliver relevant content; it attracts a steady stream of followers – and ultimately builds an engaged community around it. So how exactly can you achieve that level of engagement and effectivity for your blog? Well, you have to start with a good foundation: provide valuable content and have a consistent posting schedule. You may not immediately see a lot of action in the beginning, but once people start signing up for your emails and commenting on your posts, you’ll know you’re gradually increasing your impact.  

  1.    It turns you into an authority.

Published authors are deemed experts in their respective fields. But how many people actually have the time and resources to get a book published? Fortunately, the Internet has notably leveled down the playing field, so to speak. And you don’t necessarily need to have a book under your name either. If you can publish regular blog posts that add value to your readers, then you’re well on your way to being considered an authority by your target market.

  1.    It goes together with your public relations.

A business blog gives you the easiest means to develop a voice for your company’s public relations. Whether it’s an announcement for a new product you’re launching or maybe a press release for an additional branch office, you have the platform to conveniently publish the content. What’s more, it will be in the style and tone that’s tailored to your business. You can communicate directly with your audience, so take advantage of it. Ask them for comments, or engage them further in social media.

To have a blog for your business means to create a solid foundation for your company’s branding, digital marketing, and public relations. Do you already have a business blog? How does it benefit your company? Let us know in the comments!