Is Your Blog on the Digital Solitary Highway? 5 Ways to Help Drive Traffic to Your Site

You just published a new post for your blog and you’re excited. For the stream of comment threads. For the likes and shares on different platforms. In a nutshell, for any visible sign that you have a steady following of readers, and they’re taking the time to let you know that they appreciate your work.  

That’s your ideal scenario.

Your reality, however, is quite another story. Here’s the actual situation. After you hit publish on your latest post, you get a few likes, followed by a number of random comments. And then your blog fades into oblivion – just like the previous posts you’ve worked on.  

If this is something you can relate to, and it has been a dreaded pattern now for you, then it’s high time to do something about it. Here’s how you can easily get more people to know your blog actually exists.

  1.    Take advantage of social media.   

You already have your Facebook friends, Instagram and Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections – so use them. Every time you publish new content on your blog, promote it across your social media networks. Remember: it doesn’t matter if you have a polished, well-written article if nobody knows about it, anyway.

  1.    Make sure your content is searchable.  

You’ll want to stock the odds in your favor, and a great way to increase your blog’s chances of getting found is if it’s visible to all search engines in the first place. You can start by adjusting your blog’s privacy settings, and then finding ways to raise your blog’s search engine rankings.

  1.    Solicit help from your friends.   

If you’re a one-man (or woman) team running your blog, you may not have a lot of subscribers or followers just yet. So instead of complaining about what you don’t have, utilize what you have to your advantage. Ask your friends if they can sign up for your email list or subscribe to your blog updates. It may not be the sophisticated digital marketing campaign you have in mind – but it’s a start.  

  1.    Update your blog regularly.   

There may be times when you’re out of inspiration for content ideas, or maybe the lack of activities in your blog is making you demotivated. Rather than feel emotional about it, try to get a system in place. For example, you can plot an editorial calendar. That way, you’ll keep your blog updated regularly. Blogs that have regular and frequent posts can build an audience faster over time.

  1.    Have a strategy for your content.   

It’s not enough to keep your blog updated; you have to consistently deliver content that adds value to your readers. Your articles should not only be of good quality – they should also be helpful and relevant in the niche you’re in. Therefore, your content marketing strategy should aim to address a need that your readers have.  

Building a steady following for your blog takes a lot of time, so you can’t expect it to happen overnight. Be consistent and strategic, even if you can’t see results right away. One day you will, and you’ll thank yourself for putting in the necessary effort for what will undoubtedly prove to be a worthwhile endeavor for you.

Photo by Omer Rana on Unsplash